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Graduate Trainee Program

Join PostBank's Graduate Trainee Program—a transformative gateway to a thriving career in the banking industry. Our intensive 10 year program equips fresh graduates with fundamental banking knowledge, hands-on experience in credit, risk management, compliance. Start your journey with us and become part of shaping a more inclusive financial landscape while honing your professional skills and contributing to impactful initiatives.

Why You Should Apply

Attractive Job Package and Growth Opportunities
The program offers an enticing job package that includes exposure to diverse facets of banking. It serves as a steppingstone for entry into the finance world, providing a solid foundation and growth opportunities within a reputable institution.
Engaging Projects and Hands-On Learning Experience
Enrolled trainees dive into inspiring projects and practical learning experiences, spanning fundamental banking knowledge, credit, risk management, compliance, and other crucial areas within the banking landscape.
Opportunity to Drive Meaningful Change
We offer more than just professional development; it is an avenue to make a tangible difference. Trainees can contribute to initiatives designed for financial inclusion. Graduates can actively contribute to projects that positively impact unbanked communities, aligning their work with a greater social cause.