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What is Wendi?

Wendi is a mobile money service platform designed to promote financial inclusion to all Ugandans by enabling them to securely save and manage their finances conveniently. Under the Wendi system, the electronic value held by a customer or agent can be used to perform any financial transaction that is supported within the mobile money’s core system. Wendi empowers users and groups, particularly those with limited access to traditional financial services to access, manage, save, invest and pay for various services without requiring a bank account or smart phone in addition to offering them convenience.

Benefits Of Wendi




Unlimited access to financial services
  • Download the app from either Google Play or App Store and self-register.
  • Dial *229#, select option 1, and follow the prompts.
  • Visit a Wendi agent with a valid National ID.

                Visit a PostBank branch for assistance

  • Visit a Wendi agent near you with cash to deposit.
  • Transfer from mobile money to Wendi wallet
  • Use PostBank branches
  • Use our mobile vans in your area.
  • Use the ATM machines both onsite and offsite across the country.

              Customer initiates a cash withdrawal transaction either on the App or USSD. Then access channels below are available to cash out.

  • Visit a Wendi agent or super agent near you.
  • Use PostBank branches
  • Use our mobile vans in your area.
  • Use the ATM machines both onsite and offsite across the country.
  • Transfer from Wendi wallet to mobile money.

     Groups can easily be created on the Wendi wallet by;

  • Make a group of 5-20 individuals
  • Choice leaders amongst yourselves.
  • All members must be active wendi subscribers
  • The group leader creates the group on Wendi and receives a group code.
  • Add members using their Wendi wallet numbers.
  • Members login to their Wendi accounts to accept the new membership to the group.
  • The group leader assigns roles to the other selected members.
  • The members login into their accounts to accept the roles
  • Group is completed and savings commence.
Frequently asked questions
  • Cash Deposits (Mobile money savings)
  • Cash withdrawals
  • Bill payments like URA, UMEME, NWSC, TV, NSSF
  • School fees payments
  • Group savings and cash disbursements
  • PDM Sacco Operations
  • Access to low-cost financial transactions.
  • Secure and faster transaction processing.
  • Simplified group setup and cash disbursements modalities.
  • Additional business to agents
  • All Ugandans with valid National IDs
  • SACCOs
  • Corporate Organizations like Banks, Utilities companies e.t.c
  • Agents
  • VSLs
  • Kibiinas
•  Valid national ID
•  USSD channel and APPs


All numbers under a valid NIN can be registered on Wendi

  • Visit a Wendi agent or super-agent near you.
  • Use PostBank branches
  • Using MTN and Airtel
  • using MTN and Airtel
  • Wendi agents
  • Post bank branches
  • The group leaders can transfer any amount saved by a member direct to the members wallet for free.
  • The other members assigned roles receive SMS notifications to approve the cash transfer to the member.
  • Upon receipt of the cash transfer a member can cash out using the access channels above.

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