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Trade Finance

We play an active role in facilitating commercial transactions by providing short-term working capital and/or mitigating the commercial risk for both sellers and buyers. During negotiations, buyers and sellers determine the specifics of payment methods, timing, and delivery terms for the transaction.

Benefits of Trade Finance

Financing opportunities

Up to 80% contract financing


Risk Mitigation

Working Capital Optimization

Our Products

  • Invoice discounting
  • LPO Finance
  • Export & Import Finance

1. Bank Guarantees
• Bid/ Tender Bonds
• Performance Bonds
• Advance Payment Bonds
• Retention Bonds
• Supplier/ Payment Guarantees
• Shipping Guarantees
• SBLCs (Standby Letters of Credit)

2. Letters of Credit (Export and Import)
• Revolving LCs
• Back-to-back LCs
• Transferable LCs

3. Documentary Collections / Bills on Collection (Export and Import)
• Against Payment (Sight)
• Against Acceptance