Win big with PostBank campaign

The Grand Prize

PostBank Uganda has unveiled a savings campaign dubbed "WIN BIG WITH POSTBANK" aimed at promoting savings to help people reach their savings goals and hence improve on their financial discipline.

"We are offering a number of prizes as part of this drive to encourage people to be in charge of their finances. The campaign is aimed at promoting a good savings culture and offering a chance for individuals to assess their own saving status over the next 4 months and beyond.


  • Grand Prize; Motor vehicle- Toyota Corona Premio salon car
  • Monthly winners- Flat TV screens & motorcycles
  • Bi-Weekly winners- Smart phones

How to enter the draw

  • For bi-weekly and monthly draws for inactive accounts, customers have to activate their account with at least 20,000 UGX a month, save at least of 20,000 UGX monthly and transact at least three times to enter the weekly and monthly draw. For every 20,000 UGX deposited you get a coupon to enter the weekly and monthly draw.
  • For active accounts, customers will deposit at least 50,000 UGX per week, per month for 4 months to enter the weekly draw. For every 50,000 deposited weekly, you get a coupon to enter the monthly draw.
  • For the Grand draw, one will have to maintain at least 200,000 UGX per month for a period of 4 months for active accounts, transact at least four times to enter grand draw. And for reactivated account, one has to maintain at least of 200,000 UGX for a period of 4 months.

Who is eligible?
All existing, new and old Postbank customers qualify for the WIN BIG campaign as long as they activate, deposit, transact and maintain their bank accounts
We call upon all our customers and members of the general public to embrace this campaign and stand a chance to win big

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