“We are pleased to share that the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), Postbank Uganda (PBU) and Posta Uganda signed a grant agreement on 17th June 2017 aimed at expanding the role of postal networks in the delivery of remittances and access to financial inclusion across the country.  The new project, “Scaling up Remittances and Financial Inclusion in Uganda,” will provide remittances services in poor rural communities as well as in refugee settlements.

The grant agreement was signed by Adolfo Brizzi, Director of IFAD’s Policy and Technical Advisory Division and PBU’s Executive Director Business growth Alex Kayaayo in Newyork.

Follow the link for details;

By March 2019, the project aims to increase the number of remittance recipients it serves by 50,000. In addition, it expects to provide remittance delivery services to 20,000 refugees as well as training in financial literacy.”

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