Designed for salaried employees of vetted public and private entities that are employed on either a contract or permanent basis.

  1. Flexible repayment terms.
  2. Top up loans available.
  3. Competitive interest rates as per prevailing pricing grid
  1. Maximum- Up to 250 million with an allowance for special considerations
  2. Loan tenure- 6-84 months
  3. Application Fees of up to 50,000/-
  4. Processing Fees-Up to 2%
  5. Interest rate pricing as per prevailing pricing grid.
  1. PBU account holder, if not account holder provide a statement from another bank.
  2. Employer should be part of the empaneled list.
  3. Completed loan application form.
  4. Financial card
  5. To be a regular income earner evidenced on bank statement.
  6. Letter of undertaking from employer.
  7. Confirmation letter
  8. Contract
  9. At least 3 salary remittances made through the account.
  10. A copy of the appointment letter
  11. Work ID