This is an account for minors below 18 years opened and operated by parents/ guardians in favor of the children

  1. Free SMS alerts
  2. Attractive interest of up to 6% p.a
  3. Builds a child’s saving culture at an early age.
  4. 1 free bank draft per term.
  5. Complimentary piggy bank

A copy of

  1. The original and valid childbirth Certificate or; a child adoption certificate or an Immunization card for the minor or school/pupil ID
  2. A passport photo of the minor. This shall be scanned alongside the image of the parent/guardian.
  3. Identification documents of the parent or guardian as required for a natural person.
  1. No account management fees.
  2. 4 Free Over the Counter withdraws.
  3. No below minimum balance charge.
  4. Opening Balance-Ugx. 25,000