The purpose of the SME Business loan is to finance legal business undertakings for amounts exceeding 50 million to both individual and non-individual entities.

  1. Dedicated Relationship Manager
  2. Affordable initial deposits
  3. Affordable funds transfer charges locally and internationally.
  4. No charges on Fcy deposits below USD 5,000 or equivalent.
  5. Access to Loans.
  6. Instant transaction alerts.
  7. 24-hour banking on our online platforms.
  8. Access to a wide branch network.
  1. No Monthly Account Management Fees.
  2. Opening Balance -UGX 35,000 or equivalent in Fcy.
  3. Minimum Balance -UGX 35,000 or equivalent in Fcy.
  4. No below-minimum balance charges
  5. Interest on UGX accounts of up to 0.5% p.a for ≥ 5m Balances.
  6. Over the Counter Withdraw Charges Below 3M-UGX 6,000/=, >3M-UGX 5,000/=
  1. A valid and acceptable identifier
    • National Identification Card -Ugandans
    • Passport-Non-Ugandans
  2. Image of acceptable identifier for online account opening.
    • National ID-Front & back
    • Passport -Bio data page & Visa.
  3. Facial selfie image of yourself for online account opening or 1 passport size photograph for non-online.
  4. Accurate Bio Data Details
  5. Sufficient opening balance on the preferred deposit fund source (Mobile Money/Bank Balance)
  6. Valid email address
  7. Notarized documents where applicable