Mobile Banking

Client Accessibility of Mobile Phone and Internet Banking Services

POSTBANK's MP&IB is based on the mobile phone and internet platforms with customers performing transactions using their mobile phones and internet that shall be linked to the client's account that is held in POSTBANK.


MP&IB is available to any person(s) who have subscribed to POSTBANK MP&IB service. To be eligible to MP&IB, the customer must meet all the following requirements

  • Must have a valid POSTBANK account
  • Must provide valid identity
  • Must have a mobile phone & or email address
  • Must have a mobile telephone number
  • Must complete the MP&IB service application form at any POSTBANK branch
  • New POSTBANK customers will apply for MP&IB service at account opening.

After the application form has been reviewed by the Customer Care Officer and approved by the Branch Manager, the customer will be enrolled for the MP&IB service.


MP&IB enables our customers to instantly access their accounts, where they can;

  • Check account balances
  • Transfer funds
  • Mini & full statements
  • Utility/ Bill Payments
  • Purchase of items (locally within Uganda)
  • Virtual Visa (purchase of items internationally)
  • Airtime loading

Basic benefits

Clients Checking their Account Balance
Clients can check their balances on their POSTBANK accounts whenever they wish using MP&IB services. Once the request is sent, the system will respond with the current available balance.

Procedures of checking Account balance; MB

    • The customer enters *263#/*263# on their mobile phone or login in the mobile app
    • If the customer is not registered on POSTBANK's MP&IB service, he/she will get an error message that reads "Sorry, you're not Registered for Postbank mobile phone banking services. Please visit your nearest branch to register." If the customer is registered, he/she will continue with outlined steps below;
    • Welcome to Postbank Mobile Banking Enter PIN
    • If customer enters wrong PIN, he/she will get an error message that reads "Wrong PIN. Enter PIN again". The customer will be given up to three times to enter his/ her PIN. If the PIN is wrong all the three times, his/ her MP&IB service will be deactivated. The customer will have to visit their nearest branch to have the service reactivated.
    • If the customer enters the correct PIN number;
    • Select "Account Balance" by pressing 1 on the mobile phone
    • He/she will be requested to choose the account type that he/she wants to check. If customer has only one account, one account type will be displayed which he/she will choose and then press "ok"/ "enter" or the appropriate answer key on the mobile phone.
    • The account balance will be displayed on their mobile phone as a flash message that will read as follows. " Your account balance of Account xxxx is UGX 0,000,000"
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