Internet Banking

  • Log onto the Postbank internet banking and enter the password to access the customer page.
  • Select customer balance and the available amount on the account will be displayed on the screen.
Funds Transfer Transfer from Postbank account to Postbank Account

This is where funds will be moved between two POSTBANK accounts by use of MP&IB platform.

  • The customer (sender) enters *163# on their mobile phone
  • Enter secret PIN number
  • Select funds transfer by pressing 5
  • Select Postbank by pressing 1
  • He/she will be requested to enter the account where to transfer the money press ok.
  • Enter the amount to transfer and confirm both the amount and the account number before completing the transaction.
  • On confirmation, money will be transferred from the customer's account to the stated account.
    • An Sms will be received indicating that a certain amount has been transferred to the provided account number. The recipient will also receive an sms for notification of the transaction.

Basic benefits


For the customer to be able top make transfers on the Internet platform, they should first register Beneficiaries

Select enter beneficiary
Enter the beneficiary account and search to pop out the details in case of a Postbank customer
Confirm the entries and save.

      • Select funds transfer
      • Select whether Postbank or other banks transfer. For other banks transfer you will be required to select the bank where the account is being maintained.
      • Select the beneficiary to who the amount is transferred to
      • Enter the amount to transfer
      • Generate a TAN using either the mobile phone or the Generate TAN option that will post the TAN on the email address provided on registration. This Tan is tired to the amount specified.
      • Then press on Initiate transaction which will prompt you to confirm the transactions indicating the amount transferred the charge and the remaining balance after the transfer.
      • On completing the transaction, a notification is sent to the mobile phone showing the transfer made.
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