Cash withdraw at PostBank cash point

  • The customer goes to the cash point with his or her Registered Mobile phone/cell phone.
  • The customer logs on his/her Mobile banking platform by pressing *163# / *263# and puts in the PIN for manual access.
  • The customer selects option 6 to Generate Tan(Transaction Authorization Number)
  • Enter the amount to withdraw
  • The customer gives the cash point operator the TAN generated.
  • The operator logs on and selects Withdraw
  • The operator inputs the customer’s registered phone number and then enters to search the details of the costumer and confirm with the details.
  • The operator enters the amount that the customer has asked for
  • The operator enters the TAN that the customer has generated to Authorize the transaction
  • An sms is sent to the Operator stating that the particular amount has been transferred from the customer’s account to the Cash point account.
  • The customer also receives a massage stating that a particular amount has been transferred from his/her account to the Cash point account.
  • Then the agent registers in the agency book provided, pays the customer the said amount and the customer signs to confirm receipt.
  • Where the customer does not have sufficient funds on the account, the massage of insufficient funds will be displayed on the attempt to finalize the transaction.
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