Bill payment

Customer will be able to make payments for bills like;
3. URA

  • The customer (sender) enters *163#/ *263# on their mobile phone
  • Select “Pay bill” by pressing 4
  • Please select utility supplier you wish to pay by pressing the appropriate number.
  • Please enter your Utility account number wrong accounts should be rejected.
  • Please enter the amount you wish to pay. 
  • If customer has more than one account with POSTBANK, he/she will be requested to choose the account type that he/she wants money deducted from. If customer has only one account, he/she should just press “Ok”/ “Yes” or the appropriate answer key on the mobile phone.
  • System checks if the client’s bank account has sufficient balance for the transaction and returns an error message “sorry your request was not processed because your account has insufficient funds”
  • If client has sufficient balance on the account;
  • A confirmation message flashes on the sender’s phone asking him to confirm the transaction by pressing yes/ok or to cancel by pressing the cancel button.
  • The client receives a text message “You have paid 000,000 to National water account number 1233456”
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