PostBank E-BANKING section is proud to present the "push and pull" services in conjunction with MTN and Airtel. This is a new addition to the already existing products services provided by our internet and mobile phone banking platform. You can now enjoy the service of moving your money from the bank account on to your mobile money wallet and vise versa. This service is available on the MTN and Airtel mobile money networks.

How it works
Push; Applies to all networks

  1. Access the service on mobile phone by dialing *263# for MTN or mobile app
  2. Enter the PIN
  3. Choose option 8(Mobile money ) from the menu
  4. Select 1 for SEND
  5. Enter the registered mobile money number to send to.
  6. Enter amount to send
  7. Confirm the amount to push to phone no.
  8. Enter 1 for Yes or 2 for No
  9. Complete transaction
  10. The customer's account in post bank is debited and their mobile money credited by the amount

Pull; MTN Mobile money subscribers only
1, 2 and 3 remain the same but this applies only for MTN subscribers

  1. Select 2 for RECEIVE
  2. Enter the phone number to receive money from
  3. Enter amount
  4. Confirm receiving from the number 1 for Yes or 2 for No
  5. A prompt will be sent to the number to receive from for authentication.
  6. The owner of mobile money number to receive from enters his/her Mobile money pin to complete the transaction.
  7. The customer's account in post bank is credited with the amount.

- Customer can receive and send money without hassle
- Customer does not need to have cash
- Customer can access their money anytime anywhere.
- The customer can send money to any destination directly from their account without Agents
- The customer can meet their loan obligations even when the bank is closed to avoid penalties.
- The customer is saved from the bank queues for withdraws or deposits
- The customer saves on the transport and time costs involved with accessing the banking all
- You do not need to have a branch or ATM near you to get a bank service

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